About me


Hi, it's me - Cin

I was born and brought up in Saigon, Vietnam. That place holds a dear place in my heart. After highschool, I went to college in the US and the road began. I found myself wind up in Europe in August 2016, Helsinki to be specific. I came here to start/continue on another college experience and got lucky enough to hit the jackpot with so much more to come.

Julius and me together

Julius and me together

At the Grand Hotel National Lucerne

At the Grand Hotel National Lucerne

Julius and I

I met him here at a cruise trip to Stockholm, he was an exchange student. My friends started a conversation with him because they mistook him for a friend of ours because they were dead drunk. And the rest was history. 


My Cin City Youtube channel used to be a beauty platform. However, the more I go, the more I realize life has way too much to share with each other than beauty.

This website is the place that Julius and I hope to share with you how we've seen the world, our thoughts on lifestyle, and most importantly, let's all stay connected.


Cin & Julius (Not Gossip Girl)