Lazy Sunday Morning (from Masion Margiela) is the perfume that I’ve adored. 

Let me introduce a lil bit about my background and preference. I have migraine so it’s almost impossible for me to really like any musky and rich kind of scent. I’m very much drawn to fresh, crisp, and soft ones. I do like some sophisticated perfumes and niche ones such as ones from L’artisan, and Rose, Bourbon from Elizabeth & James Nirvana. I do enjoy YSL Opium as well but that one is sweet and spicy, not much of a heavy, rich note. 

My all-time favorite for years has been Chloe Eau de Parfum. It works so well with my body’s chemistry. You can say I love something floral (but not too much), and powdery, with a hint of woody. Some perfumes appear to be compelling at 1st notes, others ask you to be more patient as it dries down. Replica Lazy Sunday Morning is a beautiful perfume with a gorgeous trail that can leave you wanting more. I think this perfume is one of those that you have got to try on your skin in order to see (or smell) the magic works. It’s unfortunately not the most long-lasting fragrance out there but I don’t mind too much to be honest.

Click to purchase here!

Click to purchase here!

Lazy Sunday Morning by Replica Review

Main notes: aldehydes, pear, lily of the valley, iris, rose absolute, orange flower, white musk, patchouli oil, ambrette seed absolute.

Price: €93

I love names. I love it when products come with a calling name. A name that makes you think and remember. And because a scent triggers memories like nothing else, this perfume is perfect being called Lazy Sunday Morning. The bottle design of Replica line is simple yet photogenic. It’s not flashy but down to earth, to every basic instinct, and as naked as some of those memories in your recalling. This perfume is a perfect blend between the sweetness, velvety of roses and a slight bitterness of patchouli. It’s soft as if air and aura around you c be alive and you’re a blooming spring. 

It opens up a scene of a girl laying on her cotton or linen white sheet, vapouring the thin sunshine sneaking in from the window on a late Sunday morning. Everything is vivid but too soft to have a motion, yet too husky and unconventional to be tender. It can dangerously reminds you of your first love, your days being younger, being innocent and tempting. It would make an excellent gift for the special one you love, or care about dearly.

Replica Product photo with cotton
Replica scent - nostalgia

This is a scent of nostalgia, of something you did’t even know once existed. 

What’s your favourite perfume? Let me know in the comments?

P.S: I may also sneak in this post my favorite lip balm - Dior Lip Glow. They're a perfect couple: simple yet sophisticated.