REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away - the newest concealer to the family

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away - the newest concealer to the family

This concealer is supposed to be a “feel good" one, meaning that when you apply it you will feel like there ‘s something special and beneficial. It ‘s said to have Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract, which has a gummy texture that helps the formula to “stretch" and resurface over the complexion. It also has Wild Indigo, for brightness; and Glycine, to retain moisture. Bottom line is that this is a hydrating concealer.

It is marketed to target many age ranges, including mature skin with fine lines and dry under eyes. It comes out rather creamy and a bit thick in terms of not being liquidy at all. However, it blends out to be very thin and silky. I can say the finish is pretty blurry, perfect for someone who worries about pores. If I pay a highly concentrated attention, I ’ll be able to detect the tightening effect. For those reasons, this concealer works beautiful on fine lines and mature skin as mentioned above. The hydration in it also helps to achieve a youthful look for your tired eyes. Its luminous look is probably what I adore about this concealer.

My shade is 6: Light golden for medium skin with neutral and warm undertones

My shade is 6: Light golden for medium skin with neutral and warm undertones


Now let's talk about the coverage, as it is very important for someone who suffers dark circles like moi~. Having used concealers with high coverage such as The Saem perfection, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Tarte Shape Tape,…, Charlotte Tilbury doesn't come to the rescue of fully covering dark circles. It can be described as lightly full coverage, which is more than light-medium coverage but def not full either. However, since it looks ultra natural on the skin and is very thin, comfortable to wear, I didn't expect it to cover all the scars in the world either.

This concealer needs to be set with powder lightly if you are normal-dry, and for oily skin: set it very well, my dear (as to all of those hydrating concealers out there). If you are looking for the best matte translucent powder ever, read my review here.

There are 2 things that I hate about this concealer, though:

  1. The packaging is the most annoying yet Charlotte seems to love it and put it in every cream/liquid products that she could have. It’s messy, not hygienic, and because the product drips everywhere from the sponge, it becomes such a waste of product, granted this concealer is not cheap at all.

  2. Talk about being not cheap at all, this concealer costs 26 euros for only 4ml. That is not generous at all, Charlotte. I love you and many of your products (this one included) but this is very mean.

Final verdict: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer is a beautiful product with beautiful finish for someone who looks for a natural and luminous under eye concealer. It can also be applied sheerly over the skin so you can skip foundation for a natural look. However, due to the messy packaging and the price tag, I don't see myself repurchasing it anymore.

If you're someone who's not very bothered by its price tag or trying to look for something that works on dry and aging skin, then absolutely go for it.

(below are swatches under warm light and cool light)