Olaplex saved my hair.

(Don't you love how I always start off with a bold statement for our #reviewTuesday? Yes? Me thinks so, too.)


Ok, so let me tell you first the history of my hair:

I have a lot of hair, probably due to the fact that I'm mixed. My hair was a bit problematic in terms of frizziness, untamed, and curly (this part I like). It has never been sleek and smooth as how you imagine healthy hair to be. But it was healthy, in a not-over-processed way. Until I decided to go full-on platinum (you can see here), everything started to go downhill. My hair was tortured, absolutely, and because of the lack of skills and professional knowledge of the hairdresser, it was bad.

Now you would say well I still had a full set of hair so what could be so bad. What was so bad is that my hair was in a bad, bad shape, it got dry and weak and broken easily. I had to endure bad hair colors for a period until I found my lovely hairdresser in Helsinki, who introduced me to Olaplex treatment and such. I never look back. My hair healed, also thanks to expanded knowledge on what to use and do to my hair as well after that. Now I’ll refuse to have coloring done to my hair without Olaplex treatment along with it.

What is Olaplex? According to their website, "Olaplex links broken bonds in the hair before, during and after chemical services." That means your hair is actually being repaired, not just temporarily hydrated. My hair needed all the repair it could get, so an hour worked perfectly.

So this is not a scheme from any other hair products when they say “oh we're gonna fix your hair and it's gonna feel like new". They don't because they only work on the surface; whereas Olaplex dives deep in and links the broken bonds caused by bleaching, coloring, heat-styling your hair. For the longest time, we were only able to go to the salon to have Olaplex treatment, their products were only available for hairstylists. Then Sephora started to carry the No.3 treatment. And then only now did we have the shampoo and conditioner to complete the cult. Finally!

For me,shampoo is something utterly important. It's one of the few things you can do to help your hair, really. So if you think spending this amount of money is too much, then think of the redundant amount that you'd have to spend to “revive" your hair later on but wouldn't even work.

The whole Olaplex range is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA and aldehydes, not tested on animals. The new shampoo & conditioner is gluten free, nut free, and vegan. Let's break it down:

1. Scent: I had no idea what to expect about this. I don't recall any thing since it had always been a treatment to me, not shampoo routine to become a signature you know. And the scent of the shampoo and conditioner turns out to be something very mild and citrus fruit. It wouldn't make your hair smell amazing but wouldn't turn anyone off if they smell something they don't like either =))

2.How it performs:

Now, knowing how much I love Olaplex, of course my expectation for it would be through the roof. And yet I made a statement that this is the best shampoo I have ever used.

I only need to use a small amount, like a tablespoon or so. Keep in mind I have long and…a lot of hair. If on days my hair is especially filthy, the amount could be doubled. However, a little bit goes a long way for this so you would not run out of this too fast and cry about the price tag. The formula is something very silky and slippery, making it stretch and spread so well throughout the whole surface. I love, love, love the texture! It feels very luxurious and have that satisfying factor every wash. It lathers quite well, not a lot but enough.

3. The result:

Normally my hair would feel a little fragile when it’s wet aka during wash. I have bleached/balayage hair so this is not strange. It used to be way worse in the past. And now, with the Olaplex no.4 shampoo, somehow it feels already stronger in the shower and not “omg I don't dare to put any force on them. They'll break!!!” anymore. This was impressive to me to see some certain result right away like that.

After rinsing, I sometimes use conditioner but will never skip on mask (I‘m extra). Then I either let it air dry or blow dry and style my hair. With pictures it may be gimmicky; however, you can watch my videos here & here to see how shiny and healthy my hair looks now ever since I started using Olaplex no.4 shampoo). My hair feels very clean and light, and the volume is so nice. It is for sure not oil heavy as many of those “reparing” hair products can be.

The end result is fantastic. Olaplex No.4 Shampoo does exactly what it claims to do. Everything is enough, not too much, not over the top. Perfectly balanced (Thanos, 2018) haha. Ok, that’s it for today. If you want to save your hair, or just are trying to maintain the healthy and shine of your colored, over-processed hair, trust me when I say Olaplex may provide the answers. 

About the condition, the reason I’ve been avoiding talking about it is because I genuinely think it’s not that special. It performs okay but doesn’t blow me away. I’ve used way better conditioners before and to be honest I’d just keep using masks instead of it to cut back the time with even better result.

Final verdict: As for the shampoo, let me say it once more, it’s the best shampoo I’ve ever used.



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