Hi everyone,

I just figured I haven't said/introduced anything about myself. Mainly because I have been running my Youtube channel before this so I was silly enough to not remember this is a different channel. I’d like to thank you who are new to our website/blog and for those who still don't know who the heck I am (hehe), let me spend a short one telling you something something about me - Cindy. Also, the blog includes 3 outfits I've been loving!

1st of all, my friends (and many of you) call me Cin (as short for Cindy) and that's where the name Cin City came from (and a bit inspo from Sin City, if I may :P).

I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. Then I went to the US to study for a few years, came back to Vietnam to work for a few years after that. That was when I started doing social media and my Youtube channel. After that I realized I still wanted to study more and I gathered all my effort and bravery to pursue Europe. I did it. And I am currently studying + living in Helsinki, Finland now.

Many of you have commented on how mixed I look. Yes, I am a mix, of Vietnamese, Indian, French, and Korean. I used to be bullied in highschool for how I look and once felt shameful of it. That was young and stupid me. Nowadays me appreciates myself and respects it, and is totally in love with it. I can't stress enough how important it is to be true, authentic, and love how and who you are. It's step 1 to be successful and happy in life.

I'm the only child in my small family, consists of my mom, grandma, and me (and my uncles but they have theirs now so I'll spare them the pressure haha). Growing up, my mom was a single mom and she’s the strongest woman in my life. She set a role model for me to step my feet out in the world. My grandma is the one giving me unconditional love, and sometimes, tough love. They have always been so supportive to me. Thanks to them, I’ve become how fearless I am now to be so far away from home and go after my dreams.

This is my 3rd winter in Europe and despite how much of a weak-ass I am for coldness, I love it. I have to say I fell in love with Europe harder than I expected but it's the kind of strong love that never scares you. I gives you certainty and warmth when you're away from home. I'm lucky enough to be surround by genuinely good people to escape the loneliness and homesickness sometimes. My circle is rather small but strong.

And thank you for the support and love from you guys, I've always been able to keep being positive and motivated. I have to say that occasionally it does get hard (like, very hard). However, I think I'll always manage to push through as long as I still feel the love and support even from only one of you. I‘m not getting younger (haha) and life has taught me in its miraculous way to appreciate the experiences, and nature, and people around me.

2018 has come to an end. Thank you for being a part of mine and it's my humble pleasure to be a part of yours, too.

Here’s to many more years of adventures and craziness to come!