REVIEW: Swiss Clinic Face Serum

Face Serum

- I’m more impressed by this than I expected -

First of all, let's look at the introduction & claim from Swiss Clinic:

The Face Serum is a highly concentrated light and silky formula with 5 hyaluronic acids and 5 peptide complexes – the quintessence of the Swiss Clinic PENTA Technology skin care range. The high concentration of this exceptional pool of active anti-aging ingredients promotes an intensive regenerating action to conserve elasticity and delay sagging of the skin.

In my skincare products, I love hyaluronic acids and peptides. Those are my top favorite ingredients and this lovely product has 2 in 1. For a long time, I' ve been using hyaluronic acid serums as Vichy 89 mineral, La Roche Posay, Timeless, Clinique, SkinINC, The Ordinary, and Sarah Chapman. I’m not necessarily that impressed by many of them. I kept using Vichy 89 to the 2nd bottle because it can provide a subtle effect but only a quarter of the price to Sarah Chapman's. The Ordinary is one of the most affordable ones but its effect stops showing after chucking down 1/2 of the bottle. I could confidently say that is not very sustained.

Texture: Now, if we discuss about hyaluronic acid serum, we ought to talk about texture. A product texture is either a hit or miss when it comes to this type of skincare. Many of them performs to be sticky and lay weirdly on the surface of the skin, or even worse, break up your makeup badly. Even with a gel consistency, it can still be super tricky to layer on makeup or even sunscreen. I’m sure many of you who are picky about product texture and how it layers can understand this point I'm trying to make.

The reason I’m mentioning that is Swiss Clinic Face Serum has one of the best texture of hyaluronic acid serums I've ever tried. The product comes out as a milky serum, not too thick but not liquidy. And boy oh boy it applies so smooth on the skin!!! It sinks in fast, and leaves no stickiness whatsoever. I want to be clear about the smoothness, as it is smooth as silky and not silicone-y.

Fragrance: It does have a scent to it, though I‘m not very sure about the fragrance component. The scent doesn’t throw me off at all, fortunately, it is a very pleasant and luxury scent. Reminds me of something very similar from one of the highend skincare products I have used before but I just cannot recall (hmmm…). So far, no irritation whatsoever.

Packaging: It has a very nice look, chic and silvery. This branding does remind me of Sarah Chapman’s as well, probably due to the silver tint and closed capsule. I find the packaging also hygienic and secure. The pump works very well, I find with one pump the product comes out just enough for my small face (if you have a larger face then you may need 2).

RESULTS: Now this is the part we are all looking for, right?

  1. My skin feels rehydrated which I loved! I had no problem in summer & fall but after a trial of trips, then coming back to Finland in winter, my skin just felt a bit not-hydrated. I would not say dry but it wasn’t very well hydrated as it had been. After a few days of using this serum, my skin feels good again and I can get away easily with my day time skincare routine as well on days I really don’t feel like applying too much on.

  2. Plumping: I do notice how plumped my skin has feel. Not too much since i've used this for 2 weeks only but enough to tell some good stuff being cooked here lol. My cheeks especially appear better when I do my highlighting game. I gotta say may be it has to do with the peptides as well. Therefore, let's lead to the last verdict.

  3. Anti-aging: Now I have to stress that when it comes to anti-aging, I don't look for any effect after at least a month of uses. However I do realize some very fine lines around the end of my eyes/temple areas are now less noticeable. I'll continue to use the whole bottle to see how the result shows up after a long and continous use.

For now, I’m in my belief to say this is a very good face serum and I'd totally recommend it. For the actual visible results and the luxurious feels that it provides.