REVIEW: L'ATURAJEU CACTUS Daily Face Moisturizer Skin Cream

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This is a new skincare brand that I've only known of recently. The brand focuses on ingredients from various environments – mountains, forests, seas and deserts. Their objective is to support our skin and body with the finest quality with the right mix of nutrients, giving a freshness into your life.

This winter my skin is not on the verge of being dry, but it's pretty unbalanced due to all the traveling and going off the pills. I wanted to look for something that is light but rich enough, effective but also balancing and calming for my skin.

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I came across this brand and wanted to try it out granted the price is very affordable on Amazon ($7.75). Cactus Daily Facial Cream is infused with cactus extract and their naturally gentle and skin friendly facial cream will leave your skin with a soft and fresh feel. It will not only maintain skin’s moisture, but also, it will prevent moisture loss from the skin surface. Also, cactus contains about 8 times more Vitamin C than Aloe.

I've been skipping Vitamin C (only got it from diet nutritions, my Sunday Riley Juno oil) and now this cream also provides me some source of it as well. I love using it in the day time in winter because it does feel very rich, but silky and not thick at all. My skin still feels like it can breath lol. In the night time I’ll mix it with some drops of oil (I've been using oil for my night routine for 5 years at least now).

So far it's good considering the price tag. I don't expect it to be a miracle but it does deliver what it's claimed to. I think it's a very great basic cream to add in your routine. It's simple and so gentle yet effective. My boyfriend loves it too! This is a no-brainer skincare product for men as well, if you are seeking a gift for men, give this a try.