This is going to be my new short-segment on the blog. There are so many things behind 2 videos & 1 blog post/week that I want to share with you. Sometimes, it's a good makeup day that you would DM me what I used on my face that day, sometimes it's a killer outfit. This is meant to be quickly updated and straight to the point. So, the point is:


This is the makeup I wore during my Barcelona trip (You can watch Barcelona VLOG here) There's no filter and not color graded (just some brightness and contrast adjustments). Here is the list of what I’ve used for this look:

For the base, since I dont wear heavy makeup when I travel, I went for this CC serum to create a smooth yet glowy base. This is seriously my holy grail!

Another holy grail is this concealer by The Saem - a Korean brand. Medium - high coverage, buildable, long-lasting, and best part: only €4.0! Come on, you can't beat that!

I set my concealer and a tiny bit all over the face with this powder to combat with the humid weather in Barcelona, whilst looking natural and glowy. Another holy grail product of mine. Oh and this NEVER breaks me out.

This has been my best new beauty find lately. Like, best. It gives you the smoothest goddess glow with a hint of peach for dem juicy cheek bones. I can't find a better texture than this.

This one, I’d recommend everyone to get it in medium palette. The light palette is a bit too light. It's a very unique texture that I’ll talk more in details. Just know that I love it! (duh, I bring it with me while traveling!)

I dont bring any other eyeshadow product with me when I travel when I already have this. I mean, it’s so easy to use and you can create any look with it. Any! Oh and it's now on sale for only $29!

I chose to bring with me this NARS Climax mascara because it's super long-lasting and gives you super pretty lashes <3

The ultimate brow product for dem bushy yet natural brows. I have a detailed review and demonstration here if you want to check it out

I have nothing to say about this but:! If you watch my VLOG, you can clearly see how my brow hair stay in shape the whole day despite the yucky weather ;)

Last but not least, the infamous Dior Lip glow (Coral) for dem pretty peachy lips. I love using this esp while traveling because I won't have to worry about it being any fuss and my lips won't ever get dry. This is a staple. Expensive but totes worth it!

There you go guys! I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post. Its mean is to share with you my fav products in a more updated and fast way. Have a nice one!