Best vegan milk for coffee!

Hands down, there are so many brands nowadays bringing out vegan substitutes for dairy milk. And honestly, many of them are just so good that you might not even miss the ‘actual’ milk. It’s just such a great way of cutting back from dairy and doing something good for the environment (and your body). If you look at the nutrient side of milk, you will always find pros and cons for every milk, which is why is this post we will be focusing purely on the taste of milk, how well it works with coffee and if it’s also a good replacement for dairy milk overall. Soooo, let’s get started.

Beautiful latte art

Beautiful latte art

  1. Oatly Barista Version

Our absolute favourite is the Oatly Barista version. Have you ever tried normal Oat milk in your coffee? Have you ever made the experience that there would be little clumps in your coffee, rather than having a nicely blended coffee with milk? Well, when Cindy and I travelled to Germany to visit my parents, my parents were so thoughtful to buy oatmilk from Rossmann (huge drugstore chain in Germany). Rossmann has loads of great products, but their oatmilk is horrible to go with coffee. Now, I am not talking about making your perfect latte art, but just mixing it into your filter coffee. It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t blend with the coffee and you can actually feel those small particles , which will be floating in your coffee.

This is where Oatly’s oat milk comes into play. It just does sooo well with coffee. It blends perfectly and it’s also so creamy and foamable. The flavour is super rich and you can taste the oats, but it’s not too rich so that it would ruin the taste of your coffee. Since Oatly is not easy to buy in all countries because it’s a Northern European brand, I’ve linked the pack of six from Amazon Germany, which also ships easily to other countries. In scandinavian countries you will find it in every grocery store. By the way, if you have troubles with Gluten, this should no be a problem because this milk is super low on Gluten (100 parts per million). It’s not low enough to be called gluten free (20 ppm), but definitely low enough to not cause you some troublesome and unwanted bowel movements.

In case you are more into hot/iced chocolate, this milk will not disappoint you either. The creaminess is heavenly!

2. Alpro Coconut Milk Barista Version

I really love the Coconut milk for professional from Alpro. Unfortunately not many grocery stores in Helsinki carry this product in their assortment, but I am just completely in love with this product. I would actually also place this product on place one to share it with Oatly’s barista version, but the coconut milk can’t really keep up with the creaminess of Oatly.

So, I personally love how the flavour of the coconut milk interacts with the flavour of coffee. I’d assume not everyone loves it, but I am a sucker for it. Also, I am a total fan of the coconut flavour. So if you are like me, then you will love this milk. It also blends perfectly with the coffee. No particles floating around and it just looks beautiful. I haven’t seen this milk being used in cafes yet, but I hope they will introduce this soon enough too. Since it’s not as rich as the Oatmilk, it’s foaming performance is also suffering from it, but in my opinion the flavour definitely balances it out. Also at home I barely foam my milk because let’s be honest…it’s just some additional work and I am not a professional Barista.

I also love to have this milk with cereal, especially chocolate cereals. It just goes perfectly together. I remember the first time I had some choco-cereals with this milk. I was like “Hoooolyyyy, what is this milk?!?!?” You feel my excitement? This also means the the flavour of the coconut goes perfectly with hot/iced chocolate.

The actual worst part about this milk, is when you open it. I don’t know what’s wrong with Alpros quality control, but EVERY time I open this milk, the part to open it would break and I’d need a knive to cut it out AND then the lid wouldn’t close properly anymore and when you start shaking it without remembering you will have you kitchen looking quite messy. Alpro, please read this and get it fixed. Thank you!

3. Almond Breeze

The almond breeze made by Blue Diamond. This is a milk I actually by rarely, since I prefer Oatly’s Barista milk and Alpro’s coconut milk. However, sometimes it’s nice to have something different and even though the gluten content in Oatly is low, it’s good to not go all in on it. Also, as mentioned before, Alpro’s coconut milk is not everywhere available. So in those cases we’d get the Almond milk. This one is actually quite expensive here (we pay more than 3 Euros for one pack!).

It has a light almond nutty flavour, which doesn’t go overboard. To be honest, compared to the previous milk options, you won’t taste this one too much in your coffee. Especially if you love your coffee strong, I’d say this milk won’t influence the flavour of your coffee too much. It also blends well with your coffee, so you don’t have any particles floating around and the foamability is comparable to the coconut’s milk. It also has a sweeter taste to it, which is nice.

Due to its price we don’t buy this milk that often. Seriously, if you drank this a lot you’d be broke in no time! :D

Therefore, I also haven’t tried this with cereals or hot/iced chocolate, but since I prefer the two previous options for this purpose anyways, I would recommend you to go with those as well.

4. Alpro Soya Milk Barista

Alpro’s Soya Milk Barista Edition is basically the last resort for us. First of all, I am not such a huge fan of the taste of it. Also, I know I didn’t want to talk about nutrients, but I already eat a lot of Tofu, so I prefer not to eat too much estrogen and hormones overall. Well, I guess it’d be funny if I’d grow girly kinda boobs, but Cindy wouldn’t like it :D

Also I haven’t been able to find cheaper soya milk then the one I linked here. Here in Helsinki the price is actually comparable to Alpro’s coconut milk.

So if you want to try any of these vegan milks for your next coffee I suggest you to go with the ones above first. Nevertheless, this milk also blends just fine with the coffee and it also foams decently. I am just not the biggest fan of the flavour.

That’s it. Those are also my recommendations if it comes to milk for your next coffee. Let me know if my recommendations worked out for you and if you liked the milk. I mean, we are all individuals and have different flavours. Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!