CHANEL Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint - HIT or MISS?

Chanel Les Beiges: Eau de teint laying on green moss

Chanel rolled out their newest “foundation” for the Les Beiges 2019 collection. As we all expected, it’s subtle, classical, and divides audiences into two groups: people either love it or hate it. Why? Well let’s see.

I love this foundation. But I do understand why so many don’t think it’s worth the price at all.

This Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh TInt is $65 . It is available in six shades: Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Plus, Light Deep, and Deep.

Review of Chanel Eau de teint make up product

I don’t know if you know or not but I hate the feeling of foundation, or even BB cream. For me, no matter how much people say “this foundation feels like nothing on the skin” I still feel it, just in the matter of more or less. This Water Fresh-Tint, as the name, is a clear gel base with tiny pigment droplets suspended inside. That probably explains the weird look of it, kinda like a bottle of foundation that has been around for 10 years and already gone bad. Haha. But once you get over that feeling, the packaging is kind of nice. It’s nothing surprising than a classic Chanel minimal design which goes well with the branding. The bottle feels very light and not a hard glass heavy weight.

Because of the texture, this has got to come with a pump to dispense the product. It looks legitimately like a skincare when you pump it out. Watery gel with some brown dots. It feels cold to the touch, which is ultra refreshing. Let me repeat it. It is ultra refreshing! That’s one of the greatest features of this foundation and I find it perfect for summer use. When you puff it onto your skin, the gel burst into a cooling sensation and it’s so satisfying. Normally while applying foundation or any face product I’d go “urg i hate this feeling”. But since this gives you the feeling of applying on a hydrating gel serum, I’m just fascinated. Also, it’s not sticky whatsoever.

Review of make up product

Finish is radiant, subtly glowy, and the coverage is sheer. I’d describe this as light coverage. It does give your skin a blurry effect and even-out skin tone, which is super nice. You can build up quite a bit due to the lightness of it but I wouldn’t recommend mainly because it would take so much product to build up and it ain’t cheap :(. I myself don’t ask for a heavy duty coverage foundation either when I bought this product. I mean, look at the name :P. And for every day use, I don’t even want to reach for a high coverage foundation. This is the ultimate definition of “your skin but better”. Once buffing it in, you can’t see any coverage yet but let it dry down a bit and then you’ll start seeing the pigment showing hence the subtle coverage. The brush that goes with it is also surprisingly very nice!

Due to the finish, I’d go out on a limb and say it’s also a good product to touch-up during the day. Because like I said earlier, it’s so light that you can layer loads. However, remember to blot first to make sure your skin is not oily before touching up. This Chanel Water-fresh tint contains a lot of…well, water. And water & oil don’t exactly go together. I also heard people using this as a luminous primer to prep for a perfect canvas. I could see that would work wonderfully as well. So yeah, if you require more of a full coverage look, there is a way for you.

The texture of Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint - skintone

The longevity and lasting power is pretty nice as well for such a sheer tint product. The gel stays put all day despite humid weather. I don’t find it separate or slide off the skin. If you want it too last longer or a bit more matte, just set it well with powder. I love the natural glowy finish of this product so I always set it with my Hourglass Translucent Veil Powder.

So we’ve been saying good things about this Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint. Then what could possibly make many people dislike it?

First is also about the too natural finish. Many people like more coverage from their face makeup and this Chanel tint fails badly in that criteria. Many have to build up quite a lot with this, which leads to using way too much product hence this Water Fresh Tint becomes so expensive going through the bottle that quickly.

Secondly, I understand how oily skin wouldn’t be blown away by this. Because it’s very tricky. It’s not a hardcore foundation that sets and then you mattify it and just lock it in. Generally, I find sheer, “no makeup makeup look” skin-like products can very often frustrates oily skin. So I would say oily skin would hate this product whereas normal-dry skin would really appreciate this.

So, that’s my verdict for this new product from Chanel. Do you know Chanel’s annual revenue is contributed heavily on their makeup line? Wow, right? Anyway, have you tried this out? Did you like it did you hate it? Let me know! Have a lovely day, everyone <3