My top 3 outfits of the week

A skirt, A pair of flared pants, and A vintage

As I'm back again in Munich, let's see how my top outfits are in Bavaria. 


I used to be crop top and denim shorts kinda girl. That's a lie. I still am a crop top and denim shorts kinda girl. It's steamy hot in Munich (it's been a long while since I last felt this hot. I mean the weather. I'm always hot.)

This is easily my most-worn, top favorite, best find pair of vintage denim shorts of all time. I love wearing it whenever I can and I don't intend to ever stop doing that. I think anyone can tell it's Levi's. To pair with my trust-worthy denim, I went for a pepsi slogan crop top found in Zara a year ago (which means you can not find it now anymore. Though to be honest I dont think pieces like this are hard to find nowadays thanks to the ridiculously fast growing of affordable fashion brands).

I'm gonna be completely honest with you: this is the ONLY bag I brought to Munich with me. Because:

1. It's practical. I can bring my whole house with me thanks to the spacious compartment 

2. It goes with everything

3. I love it

It's from & other stories:

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.09.04 PM.png

Shoes are still in my comfort zone: ankle boots. I know summer 2017 is all about the loafers and mules. But I'm the shoe type, you know. I don't like anything that's slip and slide.


However, let's get back to the choos, this pair of cream suede babe is to suit this vintage palette as it's so comfortable to walk in thanks to the square heels (and no, I'm not a heel person. I have weird feet and am too clumsy for that goodness).

And ice cream. Of course. My favorite spot is the OG Amorino. It's yummy AND pretty. What more do you want, seriously?


This is my grocery outfit, not kidding. I don't always go extra but when I do, I do. Plus, girl, show the world you can rock whatever you want to wherever you want. 

Nevertheless, this is a very comfortable wear :P. I put on a halter crop top that is custom made, a pair of flared pants mixed with yoga pants from Zara, and my beloved Nike Flyknit Racer sneakers. The whole theme is black & white with some grey in it - my favorite color theme when it comes to outfits ever. 


This dress is from & other stories. It's so flowy and all pleated and the patterns are too cute to say no to. I'm not even a bird lover but here I am adoring this dress. The only down side, though, is that the V cut on the chest is a bit weird since it doesn't hug the curves that nicely. Other than that, from materials to the straps, the length, everything is perfect. I won't see myself reaching for this as usual since it's not at all an essential piece but I can say it's a fun touch to occasions.

If you don't feel shy from the heat, share with me your summer favorites as summer has already passed (haha I'm so funny -.-). Let's put it in recall.