What to eat in Stockholm

Stockholm is a gem of F&B in Northern Europe. We enjoyed our munching experiences there so much I still have dreams about them sometimes. 

Eating in Northern Europe region can be (very) expensive. Therefore, we're hereby presenting you yummy yet affordable options that your wallet/bank account won't have to suffer after the trip.  

1. FRIES (because they're life).


This is a bit of a cheat because we ordered them at the hotel we stayed at: Birger Jarl hotel (see more of it in previous post: here). It's around 5-6 euros/portion and each portion is huge. I had to give some to my boyfriend because I couldn't finish all. Let me tell you: that had neverhappened before. 

So based on our fries and breakfast experiences at the hotel, I can confidently say if you don't stay at this Birger Jarl hotel, you can and should also pay a visit for the bar/restaurant as well. 

Note: the hotel and Farang, the restaurant we were dying to try out but couldn't because it's closed because of Midsummer holiday, were literally a few buildings apart. So next time if you're there and they're both open I'd say lucky you!

2. Eataly - if you love Italian cuisine with a twist of a gourmet complex/food court

Source: internet

Source: internet

Our 1st day in Stockholm was a dreadful experience of trying to find food. It was the Friday of Midsummer: everything, well, most of everything was closed. We literally walked for an hour trying to find a decent place to eat in. Then we walked to the shopping center street (where Sephora is - this is an excellent direction for all women - or men as well-  out there) and found this place. 2 years ago it used to be Urban Outfitters but now it's Eataly.

Grid Eately.png

Check it out via the website: here 

Pizza Eately.jpg

We ordered slices of pizza which was around 6e/piece. They were surprisingly good (for a "whatever let's check it out I'm starving)! And hey I mean you can't do any better than that price, plus the place is beautiful!

This super espresso machine is top notch. Totes reminded me of R2D2!

3. Pizza (again) at Flames

Pizza Flames.jpg

So, that day we had the Germany-Sweden game (World Cup 2018!!!). The plan was to hang out at some bar and enjoy the cheering and getting aggressive. However, we felt super tired last minute and the idea of cheering for Germany in Sweden's capital city doesn't sound like a good idea, we decided to just chill in our beautiful hotel room and order delivery from Foodora. We went into the windup choosing Flames due to high ratings and good reviews on Yelp.

I took the picture from their website because we were too hungry and uglily savaged the pizza in 3 minutes. We finished it way too fast to realize later on we'd still had a blog post to write. I'm just going to put the reference of their websites and direct link so you can check it out. It was amazing. The crust was thin, the sauce was juicy, the cheese smelled heavenly and everything just screamed an A. We couldn't be any happier about a 13 euros takeaway pizza. 

Grid Flames.png

Here they are, check them out next time you're in Stockholm!

4. Phil's Burger

I feel like when we travel, we can seriously eat whatever we want. I can't imagine indulge fries-burger-pizza-fries-pizza-... 3 days in a row like this in my daily life. However, when we go travel, since we do a lot of cardio (aka walking), forgetting about calories is forgivable.

cre: internet

cre: internet

We went to Phil's Burger, which I'm not gonna lie, due to their attractive store design and branding (& their title of being 1 of the best burgers in Stockholm).

Burger and Fries.jpg

We order a truffle burger (11.60 euros), a Halloumi burger (10.20 euros),  normal fries (2.80 euros), and sweet potato fries (4 euros). Pricing is not too bad; it could have been more expensive here in Helsinki. Julius said his Halloumi was really good and he enjoyed it a lot. My truffle one was heaven at a 1st few bites but then it got a bit greasy and...too much. It's very hard to explain. I guess the combination of everything so creamy, fatty needs a bit of greens or something light and refreshing to balance it out. However, I'm not much of a fan of red meet as I'm a part-time vegetarian (meaning I'm a vegetarian, just not when I travel, due to wanting to try more things). I can imagine my roommate, who is an ultimate meet lover, loving this specific burger. Just not my cup of tea. 

The normal fries are average, nothing special about it. In fact, I've had way better ones in my life. However, the sweet potato fries are great, guys. Def worth the money (as sweet potato fries are always more expensive, like, the cool kids u know). 


The whole vibe of this place is pretty nice. I believe they're a joint so it's going to be easier to find them near to your whereabouts.


5. Bun Bo Hue


A trip wouldn't be completed without me trying to look for a Vietnamese restaurant. Me being away from Vietnam makes me always crave Vietnamese food, simply because it's the best cuisine in the world (nope, not biased at all). It was kind of struggling since many of the famous Vietnamese restaurants in Stockholm were closed at the time but we managed to find Bun Bo Hue.

cre: their  FB page

cre: their FB page

Bun Bo Hue is a famous, exotic dish from the center of Vietnam. This dish is so special but doesn't hold the fame quite as much as Pho. To find any authentic flavor in foreign countries is already hard but with Bun Bo Hue, the mission gets even harder due to its rich and shrimpy taste.

Bean Sprouts.jpg

It was love at 1st bite. It's exactly the flavor I had been drooling over for the last half past year. It's excellently rich in seasoning, texture, and variety of meat and veggies. Prices here can be a bit steep Julius had a vegetarian dish with noodles & wok and he loved it as well. 

You can watch our video here to see the experience in more details & also clear pricing (starts at 13:00):

6. Surfers 

Surfers is a super cool restaurant & bar in Stockholm. During this summer months, they are open to a park location and I think the outdoor idea is brilliant. 

They serve Sichuan fusion inspired food with slightly small portions that are all priced ~ 9.50 euros. Their drink menu is various and interesting as well. We order a few dishes and indulged some refreshing alcohol drinks in such a sunny and vibrant environment.  

The service there was amazing, people were friendly and helpful and, most importantly, fast! I loved that place and will def come back for more. In order to check out the food we had, again, watch this video: here (starts at 14:41)

So guys, that's it for our What to eat in Stockholm post. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I love travelling and eating is my favorite part of it. I'll make sure to note down more clearly and detailed in the future travelling. Again, my blogs and vlogs are all about transparent in reviews and prices to make it easier for my fellas!



'Til next time!




Cindy & Julius