Why am I a Vegetarian?

Prefix: This story is not about making anyone feel bad. It’s just talking about the reasoning of me stopping meat. It’s also not about forcing you to stop eating meat (I encourage you though, because there are amazing alternatives). Even cutting back on meat is one step.

When I eat with people and they realise my diet, they ask me why I am not eating it? Just as heads up, I am not that kind of person who would rub it all over your face, that I am a vegetarian. It usually takes people time to become aware of me being one. I just don’t make a big deal out of it.

So what made me decide to stop, after I indulged myself during my stay in Canada at every week’s steak night? And a very meat based diet to lose weight?

It is not the earth I am doing it for. Now, I do care tremendously for the Earth, but giving up on meat doesn’t have anything to do with it.

It all started during my time in France, where I was doing a voluntary social service, not making much money (19 years old folks, u know). I was living there with a couple other volunteers and we cooked every night. Excluding it from the grocery list was one option for us to eat cheap. To be honest, in the aftermath we didn’t even save money buy that, cause let’s face it. Meat is cheap as f*** there (excuse my French).

So, during all that time I didn’t have much thought about it. I didn’t consume any meat and I also didn’t miss it, “surprisingly". There were still some times when I was craving it, but it became less and less throughout a short while.

By the time I started university back in Germany, which is like 4 years ago, I was still eating meat occasionally because German cuisine is very heavy on meat-base. However, my interest kept growing into vegetarianism. So one day I found an interesting article on one of my favourite news websites (zeit.de, for those of you who speak german :P), which had a closer look into the conditions for the workers at those pig/chicken/cow farms. Have you actually ever thought about the people working in that industry? I don’t think so…

In Germany, those jobs are mostly handled by East-European workers from Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc. Among the workers is a hierarchy based on their nationality. And the worst, they make less than minimum wage. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for us to buy the meat as cheap as we do it. And can you imagine working in an environment where animals are screaming for their lives? Well I can’t. By the way, I also to check youtube for “meet your meat” if you haven’t done it yet.

What’s the aftermath of this? I was feeling bad enough already about actually eating animals since I would never be able to kill one myself. I think this story just made me tip over the border. I felt sick and stopped ever since. It ‘s been 3-3.5 years.

That’s basically all to why I don’t eat meat anymore. I am not vegan, I do try to cut back on milk as much as possible (Cindy is totally against dairy products because she ‘s lactose intolerance and knows it's not meant for human). I can’t give up cheese and eggs yet, but maybe one day :)

Do you think you’d be able to become (or already have been) a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or whatever other -tarian?